Stephen A. Geller


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“There aren’t many works of fiction that focus so completely–and so devastatingly–on the process of illness: the meetings, the waiting, the diagnoses, etc. All of this is communicated with the cool tone of a great doctor giving a patient the bad news while looking her in the eye.”

Kirkus Reviews

“…simply written, carefully edited, with not a word or phrase out of place, a resonant recording of misunderstands, discarded promises and unfulfilled hopes, and broken hearts…BookReview.com considers “A Little Piece of Me” one of the finest books we have read in a long time.

M.K. Turner, BookReview.com

“A LITTLE PIECE OF ME .. beautifully painful book .. illness deftly portrayed .. straightforward agony .. heartbreaking. Geller’s gift for sensory detail .. descriptive ability bring the story to life .. focusing .. with .. intensity that does not let go. All characters .. fully human and well-developed. While the struggle strips Marcia to the bone emotionally .. lets her core self shine through .. to find a new path through her own personal darkness. .. a book to read with multiple handkerchiefs within easy reach, a tenderly passionate heartache in novel form.”

    Catherine Langrehr for IndieReader

At the prime of her life, accomplished pianist Marcia Kleinman is forced to make some heart-wrenching decisions. She has a difficult husband, a difficult mother and her little boy, Max, has been diagnosed with a rare liver disease that will likely require a liver transplant.

As Max’s health declines Marcia is faced with challenges testing her spirit, her resolve, and her sense of self. Will she donate a portion of here own liver to Max? Will her husband, Michael, supportt her efforts to save their so’s life or will his controlling instincts and fears get in the way? Will Barbara, her mother, be sympathetic and supportive or, as usual, critical?

Marica increasingly finds solace at her piano, searching for the ever-elusive heart of Beethoven’s Appassionata sonata. Her music is her salvation as she rediscovers her strength and passion dealing with life-changing and life-saving decisions while her marriage crumbles and her son gets sicker and sicker.

Click here to get your copy today!

Click here to get your copy today!