Readers’ Reviews

“There aren’t many works of fiction that focus so completely–and so devastatingly–on the process of illness: the meetings, the waiting, the diagnoses, etc. All of this is communicated with the cool tone of a great doctor giving a patient the bad news while looking her in the eye.”

—Kirkus Reviews


“…a beautifully painful book. Max’s illness is deftly portrayed, without melodrama but with a straightforward agony that is far more heartbreaking. Geller’s gift for sensory detail and descriptive ability bring the story to life with painful force…abook to read with multiple handkerchiefs within easy reach, a tenderly passionate heartache in novel form.”

—Catherine Langrehr, Indie Reader

“…simply written, carefully edited, with not a word or phrase out of place, a resonant recording of misunderstands, discarded promises and unfulfilled hopes, and broken hearts… considers “A Little Piece of Me” one of the finest books we have read in a long time.

—M.K. Turner,

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“This is a riveting story about a family dealing with the very serious illness of a child interwoven with the marital conflicts of the parents engendered by the illness. The mother is an accomplished pianist with conflicts about her career. As a physician (and serious amateur pianist), the medical and musical details are accurate but, I believe, easily comprehensible to someone not particularly versed in either discipline. The story is well-written and the characters engaging. I recommend it highly.”

—Paul Bachner, Amazon review

“This is an engaging work about how a family copes and struggles with the life-threatening illness of a loved one. The author is a liver pathologist who has clearly counseled many families facing such crises and his dialogue, internal and external, is completely genuine. The main character, Marcia, finds inner strength for many of the challenges and manages to find some emotional solace in music. This novel absorbed me so much that I read for unusually long periods as it unfolded.”

—Jeffrey T. Atwood, Amazon review

“This well crafted story beautifully reminds us of the power of music to inspire, to nourish and provide sanctuary during the most difficult of circumstances. For Marcia, who is confronted with a whole series of heart wrenching family and medical challenges, she discovers her own musical compass which gives her strength, connection and clarity to help her survive.”

—Scott Snell, Amazon review

This novel displays so many remarkable qualities.
First, there is the extraordinary ability to write from the woman’s point of view. I don’t think I’ve seen that talent so refined in a male author since Wally Lamb.
Then there are the eye and ear for telling detail: “the long shadows of early evening creeping across the dark red Spanish-tile floor”; “the click of the deadbolt turning seem[ing] very loud, shattering the silence.”
And the subtle symbolism: “but now they mostly ate in the kitchen and he would turn on CNN or worse, ESPN, and then they wouldn’t hear the music at all.”
Finally, or perhaps really first of all, the interweaving of the multigenerational family dynamics, the medicine, and the music. To go from the death in Chapter 36, through the autopsy in Chapter 37, to the grand finale of Beethoven’s triumph “lifting her, protecting her,” it was all nothing less then—well—triumphant.

—David Sachar, M.D.

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Click here to get your copy today!